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Join the Guild of the Libidinous Intent on an action-packed, naked adventure as The Monarch sets an elaborate burlesque ruse for his arch-nemeses, Dr. Venture.  See if Brock Samson and Dr. Venture will be able to save the Venture boys and the audience from impending doom or the impending sexiness of Dr. Girlfriend.  Or will they need the help of the magical and alluring Order of the Triad?  Find out at the Guild of Libidinous Intent.  

Clara Coquette, in conjunction with the New York School of Burlesque’s Driver Seat Program, presents The Guild of Libidinous Intent: A Burlesque Tribute to The Venture Bros. at the Parkside Lounge on Wednesday, October 8 at 8:00pm.  Tickets are available at the door for $10 or 2 for $15. Clara Coquette as “The Monarch” leads a star studded cast featuring Fem Appeal as “Jefferson Twilight”, Charles Stunning as “Brock Samson”, Miss Coney Island 2013: Miss Cherry Delight as “Dr. Girlfriend”, Holly Ween as “Dr. Orpheus”, Apathy Angel as “The Sovereign”, and nerdcore rapper, Schaffer the Darklord as “Dr. Venture”.  Join the thrilling and humorous world of the Venture Bros. at The Guild of Libidinous Intent.  

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